In opdracht van Unilever Research Lab. ontwierp ik dit karakter "Schrumpf".
Over Schrumpf en de "Schmurri Kids" tekende ik twee korte stripverhalen.

Zo luidden de wensen van mijn opdrachtgevers:
"Schmürri is important for growth & development. But the BFB (bigfatbosses)
doesn’t want children to grow up and develop their own ideas, because it
interferes with their plans. They hired Schrumpf, a small and mean character,
to help them with their plans to prevent children from eating Schmurri.

As a child, Schrumpf was not allowed to eat Schmurri. This explains why he
stayed so small and why he feels an outcast and is angry about this.
The BFB told him to completely tape his face (leaving only two holes for his
eyes) in order not to be recognized. The real purpose however was that they
wanted his mouth to be taped to stop him from eating Schmurri.

In each episode, Schrumpf gets a new assignment from the BFB to sabotage
the Schmurri supply e.g. kidnap the truck that supplies the supermarkets or
burn down crops. The Schmurri kids have to find ways to stop Schrumpf and
help the children of the world to grow up."

Dit zijn twee van de schetsen die ik maakte tijdens mijn zoektocht naar
de gewenste "Schrumpf":

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