Bovenstaand monster ontwierp ik als voorstel voor de Nederlandse M.M.O.
(wat staat voor ‘Massively Multiplayer Online’) game "The chronicles of Spellborn"

Dit was de opdracht:

"Design an epic monster for the Slywood area. Slywood is a dark, deserted
area. It is best described as a sort of free-zone in the Enclave where all sorts
of hostile factions roam without incident, at least not the kind where the other
party is left to complain about it afterwards.

The fantasy in this game is rooted in natural occurrences and physics more
than magic. The look and feel of Slywood is suspenseful to say the least.
The landscape and structures are much more sinister than in LotR or
tweaked Oblivion mods. The soundtrack is well chosen giving the area
a foreboding feeling. Effects of magic and sword sweeps are nicely
accentuated by the dark atmosphere.

Large objects tend to make you feel smaller and thus more vulnerable.
Sharp shapes are more scary than soft round shapes. We use ghost
faces to give that extra scary notch to the whole.
Leafless branches because people associate dead trees with scary."

Ook ontwierp ik dit voertuig:

Dit was de instructie voor dit schip:

"Design a new shardship for the Glaive faction. You can think of the Glaive
faction as pirates. Shards are different in size, you can compare shards with
asteroids: Huge floating stones in the sky.

Some shards are very big. People make city's on them. Others are smaller.
We can't say exactly how big shards are. But I think shards aren't so big,
just lots of dungeons and lots of secret rooms too discover."